How To Link Your Facebook Account With Your Twitter Account

People do find it hard to do stuff like this, do no bother yourself. After you might have gone through this article you will be able to link your facebook account to your twitter account and that of your friend. Trust me!!!

1.How to Link Facebook to Twitter

We will show you how to link Facebook to Twitter account, to share Facebook publications on Twitter:
1.Login to the Facebook personal profile.
2.Go to this address:
Click on Link my profile to Twitter. You will find a list of Facebook pages that you manage.
3. Select your account or one of your pages to link it to Twitter. Then click “Link this account” on the target page or account that you want to link to Twitter.
4.Twitter will ask you to authorize Facebook to use your account. Click on authorize app button.
5.You successfully linked your Facebook to Twitter account, and you can edit your linked profile setting.

2.How to link Twitter to Facebook

To link Twitter and Facebook to share Twitter publications on your personal Facebook account, you need to follow this steps:
1.Connect to the Twitter account you want to associate with your Facebook profile.
2. Go to your Twitter setting profile and click on Application
3. Click on Revoke access to connect your Facebook account, You must been logged in your Facebook account.
4. Now, after your account has been successfully connected, you can manage how Twitter will post your tweets on Facebook.
All your Tweets and Retweets you will now be published to your Facebook wall, and your username will also be displayed there. When you want to disable this function, you just need to go to Twitter application page and click on disconnect.
I know by you will be able to link your facebook account to your twitter account And also link your twitter account to your facebook account. Enjoy it!!!
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  1. This is interesting, I know that I can post on Twitter and have the same message on FB. Never saw the other way aroound