Life Made Easier For iPhone Users

This is awesome!!! life is made easier for iPhone users which makes iPhone the best producing company in their sector.

Dankort, the national debit card of Denmark, has made shopping easier for consumers using iPhones, reports Paybefore (Banking Technology‘s sister publication).
The updated Dankort mobile payments app enables consumers to make payments from their locked screens while shopping at stores operated by the Dansk Supermarked Group, whose brands include Netto, Føtex, Bilka and Salling.
For purchases up to approximately $30, shoppers place their phones close to the terminal at checkout for instant payment. Higher amounts are validated through the iPhone’s Touch ID, the device’s fingerprint identity sensor. Previously, those transactions required the entry of a four-digit code for validation.
This new retail service is available to any consumers with the Dankort app, or a mobile wallet from Spar Nord Bank, Sydbank, Nykredit Bank, Arbejdernes Landsbank, Lån og Spar Bank, or any of the 60 local banks supporting the My Wallet payment program. The update of the mobile payment app comes amid a move in Denmark to eliminate most cash transactions.
Denmark-based Nets Group helped with the update. “The Danes have really taken to contactless payments and have quickly become used to this new and faster way of paying,” says Jeppe Juul-Andersen, the Nets SVP responsible for Dankort. “We are now offering the option to make contactless payments by phone in a way that matches the user experience of the physical Dankort.”
Technology is developing day by day which makes life more easier, enjoy yourself.
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