TECNO one of the largest producing company in Africa in their sector is going far beyond human imagination which is awesome.
Technology Africa, organisers of the high-octane Titans Of Tech Awards, has announced TECNO as the TITANS OF TECH AWARD for the best mobile smartphone of the Year which is great success story.
The key criteria include value of the service or technology in solving recognized technology problems, meeting network requirements, optimizing service and performance, and enhancing customer service, overall quality of innovation and contribution to ICT advancement, originality and vision, potential contribution towards positive industry growth and service, market success/acceptance and contribution to end-user quality-of-experience and service efficiency.”
Innovation and achievement, integrity and consistency, impact, community Involvement, strategy for growth, professional accomplishment, and local content represent the other criteria of the Award.
Titans of Tech Awards was designed to celebrate Hi-Tech most important movers and shakers; the revolutionaries, icons, organisations and institutions that are behind the technological wind of change that has engulfed Nigeria.
TECNO Official said ''A Feat We Achieved Through Our Commitment And Dedication To Our Esteem Fans And Customers,Thank You For All Your Support'' #Experiencemore
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Segun Adegoke

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  1. wow! great
    Honestly didnt know about Titans Of Tech Awards but good to know.

  2. Tecno! Tecno!! Tecno!!! I Love Their Products

  3. To many awards on this planet, but congrats to Tecno to their award