Steps On How To Intall Smadav On Your Laptop

Anti-virus is a Software that is essential for all, even though you don't have a laptop. It is a Software that makes your system safe from virus, spams and what have you.
Steps On How To Intall Smadav On Your Laptop
1. Double-click on the installer file for smadav to open.

2. If you see any question yes or no irrespective of the windows that you are using.

3. After that you are at the step select the setup language. This is to select the installation language that will be suitable to use when operating smadav. Now, select English so that you may easily understand. After that, click OK.

4. If you have installed previous smadav on the same computer, it will appear the question like this. Just select yes to continue the installation process.

5. Now, you are on the display welcome to the smadav setup wizard. Click next to continue

install smadav antivirus

6. Furthermore, you will get the license agreement. If necessary, please read the license agreement until they run out. But if you find it stressful to read, just click next

Smadav license agreement
7.At this stage you will be ask to create a destop icon so as to show smadav on your computer desktop.

8. yes, it is time to experience smadav on your laptop or computer. immediately do click on the install button.

9.Finally, now you are at the final stage of installation. immediately click finish to complete this installation.

Finish Instalation of smadav
NOTE: After you click Finish, the antivirus will be launched, then you have successfully install it.
Enjoy it while it last, Thank You.
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